Dilon Ka Shooter Trailer

Dilon Ka Shooter

Developed by: Rudransh Joshi
Designed by: Samhita Joshi
Disclaimer and Info: (1) We are not, by any means, affiliated to or endorsed by Dhinchack Pooja. (2) This is the official download page for our game, Dilon Ka Shooter. It is not yet, officially, available on any of the app stores.

Macintosh and Linux users can play DKS by using an emulator. Linux users: Try using WINE to emulate Windows Environment.

PC & WebGL

As soon as the game loads and you land on the main menu, press SpaceBar to start the game.

  • Left Arrow / A ---> Move Backwards
  • Right Arrow / D ---> Move Forwards
  • Up Arrow / W ---> Move Upwards
  • Down Arrow / S ---> Move Downwads
  • SpaceBar ---> Shoot Bullets
  • Left Mouse Click ---> Shoot Bullets
  • Alt + F4 ---> Close the Game/Exit


While on main menu, press Fire button to start the game.

  • Controller ---> Moves Player
  • Fire Button. ---> Shoots Bullets