College Hacks

Greetings everyone, in this post I am going to provide you some " Hacks " that might help you during your college time , when you are πŸ•·οΈ: FAR FROM HOME 😁.
I hope that you will find these tips useful and entertaining. 

Let's begin.

#1 Start a hobby. This will keep you busy and you will get more time to invest on yourself. Remember "an empty mind is a 😈 workplace". Most of the people complain , during later stages of their life, that they did not get much time to spend upon themselves.

#2 Invest in yourself. Remember that your small investment at present will bring rewards with increased rates of interest in the future.

#3 Start chasing your AIM from the first day of your college. You will have to work hard to become what you think, you will be in next 6-10 years. The competition is ....
If you won't, you will find yourself struggling during final year of your graduation.

#4 Be different from others. Life is like a πŸ€ race and to achieve what you want to, you need to be different from others.

Each one of us has a quality that makes us special. Find it and develop that quality in YOU.

#5 Attend classes properly. Don't be misguided by fools. Each College has a minimum attendance requirement to allow you to give examination. Maintain your attendance. Don't be absent from class unless it's urgent.

#6 Instead of purchasing courses from websites you can download them from torrents as well. Try these : Free Tutorials
Try to save money wherever possible. This quality of yours will also help you in future.

#7 Instead of using/purchasing Proprietary Softwares or downloading their cracked versions try open source alternatives to them. You will find that not only the open source softwares are free to use but also they are free from viruses and offer similar quality and user experience.

Download them from their official website only. 

#8 Try competitive Programming.

#9 Instead of using NETFLIX, AMAZON VIDEO, HULU etc you can stream videos on demand using Openload movies. This method is legal and you do not require your credit card information for a free 30- day trial. Watch whenever you want to. Explore other OPENLOAD sites as well. The above one is just an example. Watch as much as you want ( be concerned about your studies as well). 

You can also try using the " index of " method. Search on Google for index of ... 
Replace ... with the name of tv series or movie name. This method is also legal.

#10 Try second hand things if possible. You will waste a lot of money if you purchase everything new. For example never purchase new books for college, as a semester lasts only 6 months and after that probably you won't want to even see that book . You need a lot of books in the college and if you try purchasing first hand you will quickly run out of your pocket money.
Try borrowing books from library.

#11 Make ample use of LIBRARY or any computing facility that your campus offers you.

#12 Benefit yourself by using STUDENT DISCOUNT whenever possible.

#13 Make proper use of your campus. Explore it. Enjoy your life.

#Special : Return library books on time.

ℹ️ Whenever you feel lonely or depressed talk to your parents . Share everything with them. No need to conceal anything from them. They are far more experienced than you. They feel happy when you talk to them. Remember, Parents are your best friends.

Based on personal experiences.

Samhita Joshi


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